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Locksmith for furniture, doors and windows.

Electric locksmith, mechanical and electronic locks, hinges, pins, boxes, cylinders and protectors, door closers and door openers, armatures, antipanics, brakes.

Hardware for furniture, doors and windows. 

Handles, cranks, handles, knobs, handles, hangers, bars and supports, door stops.

Measuring instruments.

Flexometers, tape measures, levels, squares, metrology, laser meters.


Screws and fixings, bits, profiles, supports, chains, springs, furniture bearings, clamps, fixings.

Evolution of the Spanish exports

(10 main export destinations)


Main tendencies within the Spanish sector landscape

Online sale

The hardware and DIY market is remarkably growing in the online channel. Internationalization and Covid pandemic are the main reasons to explain online sales boom.

Expansion of the customer base

Both remodeling and DIY booms have led to an increase in non-professional customers. This trend has a direct impact on marketing strategies and on the diversification of sales channels.


New materials
Because of the access of non-professional clients, the sector has evolved in the design of products. New products are lighter and easier to use and install, adapted to non-expert users.


Laser technologies

Laser technology is growing in the field of measurement tools. It provides precision and comfort for measuring long distances or difficult-to-access spaces. Furthermore, when combined with other technologies such as Bluetooth, it also enhances efficiency.


Home automation
Advances in home automation and in smart home applications, together with the application of the IoT in homes are promoting innovation in the sector.

Main competitive advantages of Spanish companies


Quality and durability of the products.

Latest technology showcase.

Innovation & efficiency at its highest performance.

A relationship with the client based on proximity and trust.

Tailored solutions for each project.



Spanish hardware components & tools manufacturers offer solutions adapted to the needs of each client. Its products are characterized by quality, durability and efficiency. Anticipation and flexibility, added to the close and personalized treatment with its clients, make Spanish companies the ideal supplier.

Why should you cooperate with a Spanish company ?

Hardware is a traditional industry in Spain, with a long history and experience. Our companies know how to give maximum performance in all kinds of contexts, providing differential value to their collaborators with a great speed of response.


The quality, durability and safety of the products are key aspects in the hardware industry, so collaborating with companies with great experience and trajectory such as the Spanish one will be the key to success.




Main values of the companies




Our companies are defined by sharing a common philosophy and values, which differ from other sectors. These soft skills that characterize our companies are:


  • Familiarity and customer loyalty, striving to offer the best solution adapted to each need.
  • Responsibility, always ensuring the safety and quality of its products.
  • The concern for sustainability, which has led Spanish companies to bet on more efficient production systems.
  • Teamwork and the specialization of our human team.





We can highlight world leading companies in practically each of the types of solutions in the sector.

Innovative companies that manufacture state-of-the-art equipment, and that are prepared to give the best response to the most demanding customer.









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