Main innovation
Innovation is in RUBI GROUP's DNA. This company was born in 1951 with an invention, the first manual tile cutter, and since the beginning innovating has been its main goal.

Their main innovation and challenge during the last years has been the production of tools capable of dealing with the new formats and materials of tiles.
Demand covered or opportunity created
Tiles installed nowadays are different from the traditional ones. Current tiles are bigger, thicker, stronger, more difficult to cut and more difficult to manufacture.

The market demands tools to cut, lay and label these new formats.
Innovation process
RUBI GROUP is in close contact with final users. They have a team which is continuously around the world showing their tools and teaching how to use that them and, at the same time, collecting their needs and doubts.

Furthermore, RUBI GROUP has "CLUB RUBI", a club where everyone can have direct contact with the company, communicating their requirements and needs.
Around 60% of RUBI GROUP product catalogue is based on products developed and innovated by them in the last 5 years.
RUBI GROUP is currently working in a project related with health and safety hazard for users, with the quartz particles that are inhaled by the users when cutting tiles, especially with electric machines.

They are working together with a university and a technological center to find a way to minimize that hazard by means of redesigning the electric machines.



RUBI GROUP is a manufacturer of machinery, tools and accessories for construction. The company is specialized in products and services for cutting, placement, maintenance and cleaning of ceramic, stoneware, marble and granite.

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